jeudi 19 janvier 2012

Nouvelle CT et promo :)

Eh oui, j'avais dit que je n'entrerai plus dans de nouvelles équipes, mais je n'ai pas pu résister quand Christine me l'a demandé ... j'adore ce qu'elle fait et ses kits sont très originaux et uniques !!
Yes, I know I said I won't take a new team, but I couldn't resist when Christine asked me ... I love what she do and her kits are really original and unique !!

Et pour l'instant, 3 de ses kits sont à petit prix xhez Scrapbird !!
And, for now, three beautiful kits at low prices (January 16 to January 31 2012)

exclusively at ScrapBird

To sublimate girls
Kit Rêves Poétiques Chap.1

Sale: $1.50
Save: 50% off

Enjoy new pages made by her CT team

Created by Marilou 

Created by Misskittypsp

Created by Stefairy

and "Lapin Bleu"

2 smalls minis kits in blue winter night
with a bright orange in autumn.
As well as small animals and funny objects
exclusively for children.
Sale: $1.50
Save: 50% off


Sale: $1.00
Save: 50% off

Enjoy new pages made by my CT team

Created by Valisette

Created by cee

Created by Misskittypsp

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